New Unity Authorized Training Partner Program Member – Symetri UK

Symetri - Unity ATP

Symetri has joined the Unity Authorised Training Partner (ATP) program, authorised to offer Unity Authorized Workshops and Certification Exams on behalf of Unity Technologies. With its expertise in the construction and manufacturing industries, Symetri is all about helping its customers to improve their capabilities and capitalise on technologies that allow them to work smarter.

As per our recent Immersive Skills Storm insight report, sectors including architecture, engineering, and construction are adopting immersive technologies as they’re proven to boost efficiency and deliver productivity gains. Businesses are calling for people with the skills to match.

With its proven experience in 3D-modelling and simulation, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and BIM (Building Information Modelling), Symetri is a perfect fit for the ATP program.

Tomas Karlsson, our Head of Channel Services says: “We’re looking forward to working with the team at Symetri as it supports its partners in developing competence in Unity Technologies skills, a key component in the further adoption of immersive technologies and a driver of economic growth.”

New UAA member – AIV – Italian Videogames Academy

AIV is one of UAA’s newly-joined partners and is Italy’s first Unity Academic Alliance partner

AIV – Italian Videogames Academy was founded in 2004 in Rome. AIV is the first Italian institute of higher education in the video game field and trains about 400 students/year with three-year courses in Programming, Graphics, and Game Design, plus the new courses of Animation & Rigging and Narrative design and a two-year course in Music for Video Game, a 1st Level Master in Music for Video Game in collaboration with the “S. Cecilia” Conservatory, 10 workshops a year with the best international developers.)    Throughout over fifteen years of activity, his students have found employment in some of the most important Italian and foreign software houses, including Sega, Ubisoft, Sony, Ninja Theory,  Techland, Remedy Entertainment, CD Projekt Red.

In 2006 AIV received the Certification of excellence in the video game field by the Minister for Innovation and Technologies Lucio Stanca. 

In Italy, AIV has collaborated with the University of Rome La Sapienza, the University of Verona, and the Rome Libraries Association and is the only training institution to collaborate with the Games Career Fair.

Since 2018, AIV organizes and runs the LEVEL UP – Rome Developer Conference, one of the leading international conferences on video game development, virtual simulations, and interactive works in Italy, gathering over 50 professionals from 3 continents and 15 countries with an audience of over 2000 people every year. In a few years, the event has established itself as the brand new international event of the video game industry, based on:

– respect and trust with international top professionals game developers

– a wide network of schools, institutions, and other Italian companies in the field

– a great request coming from the above-mentioned subjects

Starting from 2020, due to the successful experience gained with the first editions of the international “LEVEL UP Rome Developer Conference”, AIV has developed a new complementary strategy dedicated to the expansion of video games and the digital sector at the local and national level – the first training conference entirely dedicated to Italian schools, as regards students and professors: LEVEL UP – School Days. The event led some of the major Italian politicians and entrepreneurs involved in economic and digital development to talk about video games.

“The Italian Academy of Video games (AIV) has been funded with the aim of sharing the best knowledge and promoting high quality education, that ‘s why we are proud and honored to be part of the Unity Academic Alliance. The effort in making our best for our students brought us to join this exclusive community and be partners with one of the most advanced game engines. We would like to thank Unity for this amazing opportunity and we as AIV will carry on this new adventure with dedication and passion.” 

AIV – Italian Videogames Academy

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Unity Certified Instructor program

The Unity Certified Instructor program recognizes professional trainers who have demonstrated excellence in both Unity skills and teaching proficiency. 

At KnowledgePoint we support these instructors in their journey to graduation e.g. by organizing dedicated Train the Trainer bootcamps facilitated by Master Unity instructors and by bringing the instructor community together in a dedicated LinkedIn group where they can exchange notes and best practices on all things Unity & exam preparation.

This month we would like to congratulate our new Unity Certified Instructors employed by our Unity Authorized Training Partners.

 France (3W Academy & F3DF), Belgium (Cybernetic Walrus), and Hungary (3dHome

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