The ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. It offers teaching, research, continuing education, and other services that are both practice-oriented and science-based.

Within an hour of contacting their students by mail, their Unity Game Developer Certification summer school was “sold out”!

The students were given a briefing, a further follow-up with Q&A as well as a final Q&A before they took off to take the certification.

Here are the testimonials from the students who attended the very successful certification summer school:

“I perceived the course itself as very structured from start to finish. The introduction and information on your part were clearly and pragmatically solved. Overall, I find such learning opportunities very cool and are a good alternative to conventional summer schools.

“I found the Unity module with the certification very exciting and varied. Although there is a certain supporting program for the course, it is also possible to incorporate creativity into the development of the game and thus personalize it a bit more. Due to the fact that the course can be carried out during the semester break, it was particularly pleasant for me to work at my own pace without additional fees and examinations. What I take away the most is the sense of achievement of playing a self-created game on my own phone.

“The Unity certification gave me a good insight into the game industry and showed that it is also structured like a classic business. Furthermore, practical experience in the development could be gained, but I noticed above all the complexity and the enormous level of detail that is necessary to bring a game to life. From my point of view, the MR-Lab is a great offer from the ZHAW to get in touch with AR/MR and to realize your own projects.”

“I really liked the Unity certification. For the first time, I was able to see “behind” the game and see the great effort behind today’s games. The fact that I even get a dispensation for the WPM4 in addition to this exciting module is just a nice addition.”

“I really liked the Unity certification for the following reasons: It was a “hands-on” module, you had to “get your hands dirty”, so to speak, and try out a lot. The topic itself was exciting, creating a game was a lot of fun. The module was very well organized (information event, dates, certificate submission, etc.)”

I would like to note that the joy of the topic and teaching is clearly noticeable among the lecturers in these modules and thus also contagious. Unfortunately, this is rarely found and I am therefore all the happier about it. Regarding the certification, I would like to say that it was very welcome for several reasons:

  1. It was an exciting and fun way of learning.
  2. The topic captivated me and spurred me on to realize my own projects in the future.
  3. The 3 ETCS that you receive by passing the certification give students in the last semester the opportunity to focus more on the bachelor thesis.”

The MR LAB certification was an exciting opportunity to gain initial experience with Unity. The combination of learning videos and test questions offered a good opportunity to consolidate what had been learned. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the MR LAB course.”

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