Webinar: The future is now and it is powered by real-time 3D

The Unity Education Accelerator is a complete solution to support post-secondary institutions teach sought after real-time 3D skills to your students.

Listen to our recent Unity webinar to hear everything you need to know about this brand new initiative.

Access the recording here: YouTube

Session overview

In this webinar, we reviewed the support and resources included in the Unity Education Accelerator such as:

  • Professional development courses for faculty focused on skills and best practices for teaching Unity
  • Industry-aligned curriculum designed to help students develop Unity skills and get certified
  • Certification credits for students to take industry-vetted exams and practice tests
  • Recognition as an official education partner institution by Unity
  • Special introductory offer

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Unlock new possibilities with Unity Education Accelerator

The technology landscape is changing rapidly, and real-time 3D (RT3D) innovations like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are experiencing explosive growth, driving innovation across industry in everything from product design to how we train doctors.

Demand for talent with these skills is also skyrocketing with demand for RT3D skills growing 601% faster than the labour market overall, and 50% faster than the demand for average IT skills.*

Fast-track teaching real-time 3D skills, prepare students for high-growth careers, and differentiate your education institution by partnering with Unity, the world’s leading 3D creation platform.

Sign up to the Unity Education Accelerator and get access to comprehensive benefits that support you in launching innovative education programs:

  • Expert-led professional development courses for faculty to enhance teaching capabilities
  • Unlimited access to industry-aligned curriculum designed to help students develop Unity skills and get certified
  • Certification credits for industry-vetted exams and practice tests enabling students to demonstrate their proficiency in Unity 3D development
  • Recognition on the Unity website as an official Unity institution

Learn more about the Unity Education Accelerator. We also encourage you to join our upcoming Unity webinars. The next session will run on 19 September at 10:00 am London time. Register for the webinar here.

*Visualizing the Future: Demand for 3D Graphics and Real-time 3D Across the Economy, Burning Glass, 2021

AAFT School of Animation – joining Unity Academic Alliance

We are excited to welcome AAFT School of Animation in India as a new member of the Unity Academic Alliance (UAA) – a global network of institutions that work together to bring innovation in Gaming, 2D, 3D, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) experiences. The alliance is a step towards providing AAFT students with knowledge of the latest cutting-edge tools and resources in the 3D space. The partnership exemplifies how industry and academia work together to bridge the skills gap and open up new opportunities for students.

Unity is a world leading real-time 3D development platform and gives developers the power to bring their visualisations to life by leveraging the latest tools and technologies. The Unity Academic Alliance recognises post-secondary institutions and provides the tools and resources needed to expand the real-time 3D development ecosystem.

AAFT is delighted to join the Unity Academic Alliance. We believe that it will further help us empower our students to enter industry with globally recognised skills and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Ashish Garg, Director of the AAFT School of Animation

AAFT was shortlisted and subsequently selected to join the UAA, which is managed by KnowledgePoint as part of the company’s responsibilities as a Unity reseller partner in the EMEA and India territory. Tomas Karlsson at KnowledgePoint said:

We’re pleased to welcome AAFT School of Animation to an exclusive group of academic institutions that are global leaders in the field of education and help equip the next generation of designers and developers with the knowledge and skills they need for a successful career.

Tomas Karlsson, Head of Channel Services at KnowledgePoint

We believe that this partnership will give students at AAFT School of Animation the opportunity to better grasp the technical and artistic aspects of the work done in industry and create endless career opportunities for them. We look forward to hearing more about AAFT’s progress as a UAA and are convinced that the partnership will empower real-time creativity in India and across the globe, strenghtening the community of established and future developers.