Make an impact on Unity creators and be recognized as a leader in training delivery.  

The Unity Certified Instructor (UCI) program recognizes instructors who have demonstrated excellence in both Unity skills and teaching proficiency. You can play a part in upskilling the nation’s workforce, providing opportunities for people to develop the skills employers need to be productive. 

Sharpen your training delivery 

Becoming a UCI gets you access to multiple resources and opportunities that will help you grow your skills. 

  • Access to an exclusive professional community 
  • Support in building your brand as a Unity instructor  
  • Train-the-Trainer modules for professional development 
  • Discounted CompTIA CTT+ exam vouchers and preparation resources 
  • Exclusive access to deliver Unity Authorized Workshops 
  • Work in partnership with Unity to deliver training to Unity customers 

Demonstrate your skills 

The key objective of the UCI program is to deliver learning and training to consistently high-quality standards. Participating instructors need to fulfil training delivery requirements to qualify and maintain their program membership.   

Qualify as a UCI by achieving: 

Maintain your UCI status by: 

  • Creating and submitting learning content to the Unity Learn community 
  • Participating in the learner community 
  • Maintaining a high satisfaction rate on training delivery 


“Being a UCI is more than a title of achievement, it’s an opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge. Working with an array of industry clients I’ve experienced first-hand which Unity tools they’re looking to use and for what purposes. Subsequently, as the UCI delivering their training, I’ve needed to upskill my knowledge to implement it in the most understandable manner. Being a UCI gives you an insight into how valuable Unity skills will be across all employment sectors in the near future, and I can’t recommend becoming a UCI enough” 

Alistair, UCI 

Download the Unity Certified Instructor Program Guide here UCI Program Overview ( to learn more about program benefits and requirements. 

Become a UCI 

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