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The Unity Certified Instructor (UCI) program recognizes leaders who have demonstrated excellence in both Unity skills and teaching proficiency. You can play a part in upskilling the nation’s workforce, providing opportunities for people to develop the skills employers need to be productive

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Program benefits

Becoming a Unity Certified Instructor will help you grow your professional skills.

  • Industry-recognized credential displayed through an Acclaim badge
  • Access to an exclusive UCI community, a UCI portal and a Slack channel for real-time support and peer to peer interaction
  • Track the impact you’re having on learners through Impact Points that lead to the annual renewal of your UCI status
  • Extensive train the trainer resources including how to teach as well as detailed workshop delivery walkthroughs delivered by Unity’s curriculum development team
  • Invites to regular webinars and events by Unity’s in-house team of product experts and other peer UCIs
  • Opportunity to deliver paid training engagements on behalf of Unity to their key customers
  • Unity skills can be used across the entire product lifecycle, from R&D to marketing to maintenance
  • Discounted vouchers for CompTIA CTT+
  • Discounted access to Unity Authorized Courses
  • Exclusive access to deliver Unity Authorized Workshops
  • Visibility into Unity Product
  • Evaluate and influence new learning and training materials

As leaders in learning and training, Unity Certified Instructors demonstrate proficiency with Unity, as well as strong training capabilities. Therefore, this program requires two Certifications:

Contact us and we will send you an application form to submit validation of your credentials and join the UCI Program.

Our Team is here to support you – please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions resource that we hope will help guide you through the UCI process.

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