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Unity Authorized Training

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Join as a Unity Certified Instructor and become a part of the Unity partnership. Developing your professional growth is just one of the many benefits that becoming a Unity Certified Instructor can do for your business.

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Program benefits

  • Train-the-Trainer modules for Professional development
  • Discounted vouchers for CompTIA CTT+
  • Discounted CompTIA CTT+ certification preparation ebook
  • Access to exclusive professional community
  • Discounted access to Unity Authorized Courses
  • Exclusive access to deliver Unity Authorized Workshops
  • Visibility into Unity Product
  • Roadmap Support in building your brand and business
  • Unity Certified Instructor Badge and listing on Unity
  • Connect Quarterly Onboarding Webinars
  • Evaluate and influence new learning and training materials
  • Opportunity to be paid for delivering training on behalf of Unity

Program Requirements

  • Complete an online application
  • Provide an Instructor Certification such as:
    • CompTIA CTT+ In-person Training Certification
    • Teaching Credential
    • Certified Trainer/Instructor status from a peer company such as Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, CISCO, etc.
  • Maintain current entry-level Unity Certification
  • Create and Maintain a Unity Connect Profile
  • Create and submit learning content to the Unity Learn website
  • Impact learners and their learning journey through a variety of opportunities:
  • Delivering in-person training
  • Delivering a Live Online Class
  • Moderating the Learner community
  • Teaching Unity classes

Unity and KnowledgePoint working together

Contact us for more information about the Unity Authorised Training Partner Program:

Email: unity@knowledgepoint.com
Phone: International +44 118 918 1580
Phone: UK only 0845 223 5518

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Who is Unity?

Unity is the creator of the world’s most widely used real-time 3D creative platform, powering rich, interactive 2D, 3D, VR, and AR experiences. More than 60% of all AR/VR content is made with Unity. If you’re a creator with the ambition to start working in 3D, VR, gaming, or other forms of real-time interactive development, Unity will get you there.