Autodesk and KnowledgePoint working together

Autodesk’s relationship with KnowledgePoint started over 20 years ago printing and shipping certificates to the ATC’s, a few years later Autodesk appointed KnowledgePoint | Connect as the European Distributor for Autodesk Education.

Due to the huge success of this relationship, Autodesk then entrusted the global master distributor role to KnowledgePoint | Engage who became the entity managing all Education distributors across the world.

Today, KnowledgePoint | Engage works with the regional distributors of which KnowledgePoint | Connect is the European distributor.

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"Acting as our Autodesk Global Program Manager, KnowledgePoint provides an outstanding business model to support Autodesk’s global education partner network.  Their business model aligns strategically with our channel needs. Their professional, dedicated staff are focused on our mutual success and commitment to grow our partner network in an ever-changing market" - Autodesk Education

KnowledgePoint | Engage

KnowledgePoint | Engage holds the global master distribution agreement for Autodesk Education.  Under this role Engage is currently managing 9 distributors across the world with key activities including, but not limited to:

Programs Development  We assist the vendor, in this case, Autodesk Education, to identify goals and outcomes for training channel programs, develop and communicate goals and also assist in the creation of distributor value proposition and core deliverables.

Regional Distributor – We assist in brokering introductions, identifying and recruiting regional distributors along with helping to create plans for their regions. We also ensure regional distributors understand the business objectives of the vendor and are trained and equipped to represent the vendor properly. We also oversee the training and development of regional distributors, supporting the vendor to maximise the effectiveness of their global channels.

Funds Management – Engage manages the collection of fees and all financial reporting both quarterly and annually.  We are also responsible for the management of the Investment Fund (MDF) – The Marketing Development Fund is used to fund various marketing activities to enhance and promote the Vendor’s objectives.

Partner Recruitment – Engage works with the vendor to identify Partners that would add value to the product/service offering, recruit  the partner then manage the account on behalf of the vendor.  Engage enables the partner at the same time as executing the partner recruitments meeting the Vendor needs.

Operations & Reporting – Engage have 2nd line support for all queries and issues raised by regional distributors.  We also offer localisation project support as well as monitoring and consolidating regional reporting into a single global view.  On top of this we manage communication to all regional distributors as well as Partners.

Termination – Engage assists and monitors regional distributors to manage the pre-termination process through to the final recommendation for termination ensuring all post-termination administration is completed and escalation to the vendor of outstanding issues.

As well as the above Engage has a level of enhanced services where we create, manage and deliver the program platforms for Autodesk as well as creating and designing the programs pushed out globally.  On a day to day basis Engage also offers Print Services, Marketing support and Train the Trainer events.  To find out more please email us today.

KnowledgePoint | Connect

KnowledgePoint | Connect is a regional distributor for Autodesk Education covering Europe and Hong Kong.  As the regional distributor, they are the link between the vendor’s (Autodesk) global program goals and expectations, and the delivery of those goals by the partners they manage.

KnowledgePoint Connect has recently been awarded:

Autodesk FY18 Distributor of the Year Award for New Partner Recruitment
Autodesk FY18 Distributor of the Year Award for All Around Performance

Connect manage 500+ training sites (Authorised Training Centre (ATC)/Authorised Academic Partner (AAP)) in 35 countries covering 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish).

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Services that Connect deliver to these 500+ partners include:

  • Program Management
  • Partner/Business Development
  • Partner Enablement
    Partner Communications
  • Program Support (EFIGS)
  • Project Management (Events etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Finance

To hear about what KnowledgePoint Connect can do you for your business email us today.