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KnowledgePoint partners with Ascent

KnowledgePoint CONNECT with over 10-years of experience in supporting Autodesk Learning Partner community has a strategic partnership with Autodesk Authorized Publisher and Developer Ascent 

What Ascent offers

Ascent saves time, money and resources 
Ascent offers an extensive range of Autodesk leaning content titles covering the major products such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, 3ds Max, BIM 360, Fusion 360, Inventor, Revit, and many more. 

Autodesk subject matter expertise meeting the needs of the classroom
Ascent’s multi-disciplinary team of engineers, technical writers and instructional designers have 25+ years of experience designing curriculum & creating documentation that is effective & engaging. Ascent’s extensive Autodesk library can be found here 

All Ascent products include: 

  • Printed learning guides 
  • Digital eBook 
  • Video-enhanced courseware 
  • Online Learning Courses 
  • Instructor Tools 

KnowledgePoint CONNECT offers Ascent titles to all EMEAR members of the Autodesk Learning Partner community on highly competitive prices

Learning Guides: Print Version
When you order a printed learning guide from us, they arrive spiral bound and ready to use. Each guide includes a link to access the training files for practice exercises. Applicable Autodesk guides also include Autodesk Certification Objectives as a helpful study aid for those who are preparing to take the Autodesk Professional Certification Exam. 

Learning Guides: eBook Version
eBooks contain the same content as our corresponding learning guides, providing users with a paper-free option to learning their chosen software. These electronic versions powered by MyLiveBook include full-colour images, hands-on exercises and downloadable class files. Attendees can make notes and highlights whilst attending the class and even upload pictures e.g. of their team assignments or whiteboards the instructor may have chosen to draw during the class.