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Paul Gibbons

Founder, Executive Officer

Paul is commercially creative and a natural entrepreneur. He came up with his first business ideas for the learning market in the 80’s, but it wasn’t until 1997 when he saw those dreams underway in the founding of KnowledgePoint. Paul believes that companies reflect their people and that you’re only as strong as the team around you. He’s dedicated most of his time to listening to our customers’ needs and steering the business accordingly. Our innovation is often customer led including the focus on proactive order management, the introduction of secure digital courseware and the need for learning channel management.

The result is that KnowledgePoint has been the sector leader for more than twenty years. He’s still laser focussed on our growth and where many long for an alternative pursuit, Paul would simply be starting another business if he wasn’t leading KnowledgePoint.


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André Philpot

Founder, Executive Officer

André is a builder and risk tamer. His early work at KnowledgePoint established our just in time production processes, has seen the implementation of ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001, and more recently he has overseen our partnerships and acquisitions. André recalls the decision to start KnowledgePoint was a very hard one. With a young family, there was a lot of risk in starting a new venture and potentially upsetting their stability. In the end, knowing and believing in his partnership with Paul made this far less of a risk, and the result is a much better work life balance.

André believes in not looking back and, in a professional capacity, he is most proud of building KnowledgePoint. A firm believer that good is never good enough, André still takes a personal interest in seeking out new approaches, technical solutions, and challenging the leadership team to do better.

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Ray Brown

Ray Brown

Sales and Marketing Director

Ray is a strategic growth expert, as well as a highly successful Sales and Marketing Leader. With considerable knowledge of the Learning Industry, alongside specific expertise gained in multiple sectors including Defence, Rail, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Infrastructure and Support Services, Ray has become a trusted advisor to some of Europe’s leading businesses on sales strategy within their largest and most critical bids. With this degree of client insight and understanding of their business needs, Ray creates and maintains highly effective client working relationships, delivering outstanding levels of value to  existing and future customers.

He’s also responsible for driving our ambitious growth strategy through the development of new, innovative services and solutions to keep our customers at the leading edge of business thinking.

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John Heffron

Finance Director

John is a navigator and pioneer. As our business stretches out towards more ambitious goals and breaks new ground, it’s John’s leadership that keeps us from running aground. His experience in the fast paced technology sector has made him our ideal match, in an industry where the transient landscape demands constant change. John is excellent at communicating in terms that make opportunities and challenges clear, galvanising the leadership team to common purpose. He’s also our financial conscience, questioning the value and alignment of our business activities. John is dedicated, amiable and frank, an incredibly powerful combination that’s yielded consistent forward motion for the business.

A family man at heart, John enjoys his down time with family and friends.

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Dan Hadleigh

Head of Print Services

Dan is a bastion of trust. From the moment nineteen years ago when Paul and André trusted him to join the business and run our operations, to the trust his team and our customers place in him today. He’s most proud of how the business has handled change and adversity. In his words; always coming out the other side stronger. Dan is always trying to be a better leader, still learning day to day, and ensuring that KnowledgePoint is leading the way with the services and quality of service we supply our customers. The consistently high quality standards we achieve are a direct result of our incredible people but Dan is the driving force behind it. His mantra is; don’t try and be something you’re not. Be true to yourself and you’re more likely to gain the respect of others.

Outside of work Dan loves spending time with his family, coaching his son’s football team and riding and renovating motorbikes.

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Richard Vicary

Head of Digital Services

Richard has lived and breathed technology for as long as he can remember. His first exploration with a ZX Spectrum and the subsequent joy have led him into a career that finds him responsible for overseeing KnowledgePoint’s infrastructure, innovation and insight. His exceptional attention to detail and his willingness to sweat the little things is, in part, the foundation of our success. His biggest goal is to see people look out for others and not for themselves, to stop building walls and to embrace our common humanity. It makes him an inclusive, collaborative leader that genuinely brings the best out in the people he works with.

Richard has a mug that says ‘I love spreadsheets’ and his colleagues openly admit he is the acme of spreadsheet mastery. In a world without work he’d be travelling with his wife and children, digging wells and playing saxophone.

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Tomas Karlsson

Tomas Karlsson

Head of Channel Services

Tomas has a strong passion for learning and training, and a belief that cutting-edge technology can significantly improve the way people learn, interact and achieve business success. A trained Economist, who specialised in cost-benefit analysis and international economics, he’s spent his career working with program and channel management initiatives for a number of software vendors. Tomas is analytic, results-driven and a problem-solver who leads his team to help our clients strengthen and add value to their global training networks.

Tomas spends his spare time travelling and truly enjoys exploring new places, cultures and trying to pick up the local cuisine.

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