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The journey and the destination

Customer experience is the sum of all the experiences before, during and after a purchase.

At KnowledgePoint your experience, and that of your customers, is central to everything we do.

That’s why our customers rate us so highly. This month our Net Promoter Score is 92.

Looking from the inside out

When you receive the end result; the stress free, on time arrival of high quality learning materials, it’s easy to overlook the journey they’ve been on already.

KnowledgePoint are there every step of the way. While your knowledge is authored, designed, setup, printed, finished, packaged and shipped.

Quality standards

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~Aristotle

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Customer Experience Manager

The person at the centre of your experiences with KnowledgePoint.

Natasha is responsible for the experiences you receive with KnowledgePoint. She implemented our customer satisfaction program, actively seeks to improve every step of your journey with us and leads our customer care team.

Natasha is available to discuss our innovative approach to customer experience and always excited to make a new friend in the industry.

Whether your connection with us is fantastic, or if it’s ever less than absolutely stellar, then Natasha would like to know.

Net Promotor Score

Placing the customer at the heart of everything we do, every moment and every action.

Net Promotor Score or NPS® is an index from -100 to 100 that measures a customers willingness to recommend our products and services to others.

Apple has an NPS® score of 72. The industry average for our sector is in the 40s. KnowledgePoint’s net promotor score in our managed accounts is 92. That’s significantly higher than the industry average in any sector.

Score us and send us your comments.

Action Points

Registering every action, at every stage of the processes.

Action Points are our proprietary system for recording every action, at every stage of the production process. It empowers us to constantly seek out improvements to your service.

It’s getting harder to find them after twenty years of excellence but we’re always on the hunt for a tiny gain in quality or efficiency so we can pass that advantage onto our customers.