Printed Learning

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Print on-demand

All your print requirements available on demand.

We have a state of the art setup and production facility running around the clock. Whether there’s an order from your catalogue or a new requirement, it can be setup, produced and delivered next day when required.

Learning specialists

We have only ever serviced the learning market and we know the next people to see what we do are your customers. That gives us a unique set of expertise that doesn’t exist in any other printer. A focus on accuracy and quality that’s second to none.

Authoring and design

Do you need graphic design to get your material looking its best?

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Printed Learning Material

Bringing your learning to life by giving it form

We can print almost anything you can imagine in any volume from one up and are typically doing:

  • Manual printing
  • Brochure printing
  • Presentation printing
  • Booklet printing
  • Poster printing
  • Catalogue printing
  • Report printing
  • RFP printing
  • Proposal printing
  • Large format printing
  • Branded merchandise
  • Kitting

We provide completely bespoke setup of your files and can accommodate any size or configuration of materials including but not limited to: spiral binding, binders with tabs, bleed tabs, perfect binding, saddle stitch, comb binding and in any paper size.

The simple aim is to supply your course materials on-demand, on time and on specification, every time.

Global Distribution

Bringing your learning to life all around the world

We ship to 146 countries and routinely maintain a customer impact rate of 0%. That means we take responsibility for getting your materials to their destination safely and on time.

KnowledgePoint has both a dedicated international trade team and a UK based multi-lingual contact centre. Advantages that no other printing or courseware company can offer. That’s how we achieve an on-time delivery rate of 99.9%.

Customer services are on hand to proactively monitor every order with integrated tracking, so we’re able to offer a service level agreement that dramatically exceeds that of the shipping company transporting your orders. No more customs hold ups to deal with, no more orders arriving later than the start of your course or hassles with delivery and shipping generally. We manage it all.

Document management

Bringing your learning to life on-demand

Ordering is via a fully integrated online portal that holds your full catalogue of learning materials. Ready to be ordered at the touch of a button, created and delivered anywhere in the world.

KnowledgePoint provides a secure portal for our customers to login, view their setup files and order. It takes the entire administrative burden out of the process and allows the user to focus on their core responsibilities. Online ordering of pre-setup files means there’s no overhead for our customers in setting up files themselves and affords a much greater level of flexibility as you’re not confined to a set of pre-determined specifications.

Want a new file established? Just send us the document and we’ll add it to the portal for you. The global scale of KnowledgePoint affords us the opportunity to remain financially competitive while offering a higher level of service then you would receive from even a specialist print supplier.