Senior Production Assistant

Why did you come and work for KnowledgePoint?
Providing training materials to schools and companies across the world. By working here, I have the chance to help provide these opportunities for others to expand their knowledge.  KnowledgePoint truly is ‘Where learning lives’

What are you best at in your role?
Working to provide support to the rest of my team, to help them achieve the best they can. We work together for the same goal – customer satisfaction. If we don’t work together we can’t accomplish our goal

When do you get excited at work?
When we get a new job it gives me a chance to expand my knowledge to better help the company, but also allows me to challenge myself with something new and to feel I’ve accomplished something

Under pressure you are most likely to?
Excel, when there is a lot of work to do the pressure to complete it to a high standard and make sure it goes out on time I work that much harder to do the best I can for myself and for the customer, but especially for the customer

What’s your greatest achievement at KnowledgePoint?
Working at KnowledgePoint has helped me to better myself so much, my confidence, my adaptability has increased which allows me to work my hardest and do my best in my own life and for the company

What’s your favourite part of the culture here?
Working together as a team with people I can rely on and trust, and that I know I can count on for support. It makes all the difference to help enjoy what you do and try my best

Why would you recommend working at KnowledgePoint?
The company works as team with each department doing their part to produce quality work for each customer. When we see that finished job, knowing how much work has gone into it you get this huge sense of accomplishment

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