Senior Customer Service Representative

Why did you come and work for KnowledgePoint?
I came to work for KnowledgePoint because I wanted a more customer facing role that gave me the opportunity to help people and also improved my work-life balance

What are you best at in your role?
In my role, I feel I am best at creating relationships with customers and building a trust with them enabling the companies’ relationships to grow. This allows conversations with our customers to flow naturally

When do you get excited at work?
I get excited at work when I improve the customers experience with KnowledgePoint

Under pressure you are likely to?
Under pressure I am likely to work to strict timelines and ensure that I follow the work from the very start to the very end with a happy result from the customer

What’s your greatest achievement at KnowledgePoint?
My greatest achievement at KnowledgePoint is being promoted to a Senior Customer Service Representative

What’s your favourite part of the culture here?
My favourite part of the culture here at KnowledgePoint is the friendly atmosphere within the company. This means that when in need of help, I know I can approach the different teams but with familiar faces as well as all our teams grouping together to help one another

Why would you recommend working at KnowledgePoint?
I would recommend working at KnowledgePoint because of the trust amongst teams and the caring nature of the leadership team

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