Shift Supervisor

Why did you come and work for KnowledgePoint?
I like working shifts and having free time during the day and I like the customer focus everyone has at KnowledgePoint

What are you best at in your role?
I’m good with people, very customer focused and always learning

When do you get excited at work?
When we bring new accounts on board. Also, when all the work is done and everyone’s so proud of what we’ve achieved

Under pressure you are most likely to?
Be calm

What’s your greatest achievement at KnowledgePoint?
Great team work and how our shifts all work together to make us the best team we can be

What’s your favourite part of the culture here?
I like the way the company is very motivated towards the goals we set. I want to help achieve them!

Why would you recommend working at KnowledgePoint?
KnowledgePoint care about the people who work here

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