Market Development

How it works

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You want to scale quickly

You’ve tough targets to hit and the capital expenditure to get you operational makes expansion higher risk.

You get in touch

You spend some time with one of our lead consultants, for free, to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

We speak the language

We engage our international contact centre and localise all the messaging and support your want delivered.

We have a presence in your market.

A trusted, experienced presence on the ground and interacting with your target sector is a force multiplier. Hiring one is time consuming and expensive, particularly for new markets where you’re untested.

We employ sector specialists in the UK, Europe, United States, Russia and Asia that can be your representative in that market. They deliver programmes of work directly to your partners or end users with the experience to achieve immediate traction and the flexibility to be activated and deactivated without any burden to you.

Each of our market development managers has more than a decade of experience in business development and have come from being fully qualified in that sector. A teacher for education, an engineer for building information modelling, an accountant or solicitor for professional services. They’re also native to the country they operate in.

Their day to day role is to maintain exceptionally high quality relationships with the end users, trade associations and other influencers in that country in that sector. When a new opportunity arises we asses the strength of the market, the likelihood of success and can even begin to have discussions at a local level to asses the viability.

Once we’re confident of success, we will work with you to build a programme of activity, a go to market plan, choose critical success factors and measures, and engage our international contact centre and localised marketing services. Then the market development manager takes ownership as the programme lead and face to face influencer in the market.

If you would like to understand more about the sectors and countries that we operate in or get an understanding of how we would help overcome your challenge please get in touch here.