CADLearning Desktop

Easy to download...

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To download the CADLearning app, go to and click on the CADLearning for Windows Desktop button

Select CADLearning Desktop Web Installer to begin the download

When prompted, click Save File

The CADLearning Desktop App allows you to download Courses and lessons to watch offline, at your convenience.

*The CADLearning App currently runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.*

You will find the CADLearning App in your menu or under All Apps.

The menu area includes – Home, Transcript, Playlists and Downloads. Your product tiles and courses are listed in the desktop display as well as recently viewed lessons.

The product tiles will dynamically adjust based on your most watched lessons and courses.

Toggle your App to Offline. You now have access to any lessons you’ve downloaded. They

are now available offline for you.